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We are Hoffbern Zeitmesser. an Australian startup founded by a small team of designers with roots in Germany.
Since 2019 we are passionately designing minimalist timepieces featuring timeless Bauhaus designs, the highest aesthetics, and the finest quality in every aspect. Our first four timepieces (Legacy, Reinheit, Carbon Chronograph, and Solaris Chronograph) are now production-ready, as we have fully working samples built and tested industriously.

Our first four timepieces are classified into two segments. Legacy and Reinheit are included in our Essential Series consisting of simple everyday timepieces, while Carbon and Solaris are part of our Chronos Series, featuring advanced Chronograph timepieces.



We have directly partnered with multiple production facilities to manufacture quality materials that meet the best industry standards, and we ensure durability and versatility in everything we source. We have a dedicated team of veteran technicians to help us carefully assemble the timepieces in our studio near Melbourne, Australia.


Our vision for Höffbern is to elevate the brand to a successful business and create timepieces loved by everyone. We are a small team of designers, and we are comfortable remaining as a small organization where we believe we can better focus on our original designs, unbiased ideas, freedom of thought, limitless innovations, and improved product quality.


We are launching our first set of four watches exclusively on Kickstarter. Pre-orders are open now with a special discount of up to 57% off the retail and many other special rewards. Please back us now to reserve your choice of watches.

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